Pharmacy Technician Books and Study Guide and Practice Exam Information

Pharmacy Technician Books are available from many websites and can be bought new, or in good used condition for discounts. If you are preparing for the Pharmacy Tech Certification Exam, you know you need to study and review and these books provide comprehensive information.Quality books cover a range of topics including pharmacology, drug interactions, drug measurement techniques, math calculations, record keeping and more. Make sure you choose a book that covers the specific topics you need to review. Some of the popular books are: The Pharmacy Technician: A Comprehensive Approach by Jahangir Moini, Delmar’s Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam Review by Patricia Anthony and Essential Math and Calculations for Pharmacy Technicians by Indra Reddy.You can purchase these books online at or and you can often buy slightly used books for a discount. You may also be able to find some of these books at a Barnes & Noble or Borders book store although my local Barnes & Noble did not have any in stock when I asked. Expect to pay from $20 – $150 for a good pharmacy tech book. Consider it an investment in your career and future and understand that if you use it properly, it will help you obtain a career in a stable field that is expected to have strong demand for employees for the next five to ten years.While most books cover topics that pertain to all pharmacy tech work environments, some are aimed specifically at working in retail pharmacies such as CVS or Walgreens and others are aimed at working in hospital settings or elderly care settings.Learn more about Pharmacy Technician Books and online courses and training material for pharmacy techs.

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